Oct 13 2012

Tattoo Culture: Western Tattoos

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We've been down south checking out cowboy themed tattoos, but if there's one thing a cowpoke needs it's more territory to roam, so we're going to look beyond the hombres in the the gallon hats to look at those inspired by the whole wild west iconography.


When you look beyond cowboys, there are many other symbols powerfully connected with the wild west that capture the same free-living, untamed spirit that still rings true for people today.



You have the concept of the outlaw who is simultaneously a hero and villain in many cases. The outlaw breaks the rules but many times does so for a noble or relatable cause. When outlaws have nothing but greed, revenge or corruption in their souls, however, they are the enemies who must be defeated. How many of us feel that same paradox within ourselves?


A shootout is as western as it gets. It's the crucible, the moment a story is at it's highest, most dramatic moment, the ultimate showdown between right and wrong, where there is no escape, no way around it. What is the superior path to take, good or evil? The shootout will prove which is stronger in the end.

A little naughty, a little sexy? Of course, the west was a dangerous, untamed place! Don't forget the symbolic connection between guns and sex. When you have cowboys, outlaws, corrupt sheriffs and other men who live life on the edge, making their own rules, temptation is just part of the game. There is and always will be a deep relationship between sex and the old west – both are exciting, free, untamed and primal.


Death. It lurks just below the surface at all times for those living on the frontier. When the lawless are often stronger than the law, it's every man, woman and child for  themselves. Humankind reduced to it's most basic essence lies at the core of the western motif – survival, adventure, temptation, risk, competition and mortality. For those who feel most at home outside your four walls, who refuse to live a life of quiet desperation, maybe a western-themed tattoo is for you?    

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