Oct 16 2012

Tattoos in the News

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Jessie J is a big fan of her own music, which is good. Imagine being, say, Eddie Murphy and having to sing the travesty that was "Party All the Time," a fate that simply no one deserves, except maybe Eddie Murphy. Jessie, however, loves her own songs so much that she decided to have lyrics from one of her songs inked on her body. Now the line "don't lose who you are in the blur of the stars" is tattooed on her right torso, so yay happy endings, right? Wrong. Due to a spelling error, yes, that's right, in the lyrics of her own song, "lose" was inked as "loose." It's a sobering reminder to all of us considering word tattoos to have them double and triple checked, preferably by a Harvard English professor, before committing to the design. Also please, please whatever you do, make sure you don't loose yourself in the blur of the stars. Make sure you are collared and leashed at all times.


Romeo Beckham, the 10 year old son of David and Mommy Spice was recently seen bearing a neck tattoo of his sister's name Harper. The ink is a copy of one of his dad's many tattoos, and before you go filing child abuse charges, yes, it's fake. If you wanted to hold a hearing regarding the Beckham's choice to name their son Romeo, however, that would be justified. Meanwhile, the pool is open for how many real tattoos the Beckham kids will end up with by the time they're as old as their parents.


Staying on the other side of the pond, and on the pitch, Daniel Agger, defender for Liverpool talked about his tattooed knuckles, which spell YNWA. We thought the initials meant "Yaks Never Wear Armani" which would be technically true, since Yaks do not wear clothes of any type; though if they did, we still doubt they'd have the money to afford…whoops, going off on a tangent there. Sorry for that. The Yak clothing debate is kind of a hot button issue. Back to Daniel's initials, they stand for You Never Walk Alone. That does make a lot more sense, actually. It's an inspiring message for a footballer who feels the passionate support of his fanbase and a love for his team, or an incredibly creepy one for a stalker. In the end, it's all about context.  








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